"Pink Moon Pink Wind" Mavra Paros
Group show with Anne Speier, Thomas Jeppe, Gülsüm Güler, Lucie Stahl, Constantin Thun, Jana Euler, Garrett Nelson, Mark Soo, Timothy Lee Standring
APR 11-14

Pane Per Poveri
APR 5-9 - Athens

Interview with Ricardo Bofill

Three publications - Inversion, Neo Lad, Theory of the Bench - viewable online in their entirety

"Truth Bistro" Kai Matsumiya - New York
Group show curated by Gabriel Lima, with works by Craig Kalpakjian, Pirata, Pablo Accinelli, Thomas Jeppe, Viola Yesiltac, Blake Rayne

"Umwelt Inversion" Conradi - Hamburg
Group show curated by Thomas Jeppe, with works by Martine Syms, Richard Frater, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Anna Franceschini, Marina Pinsky, James Vinciguerra

Unsere Umwelt underground gallery - Basel

"Gypset Purgatory" Trikot - Basel

"Neo Lad" Futura Centre for Contemporary Art - Prague

Neo LadNeo Lad Viewable online - see Publications