cur. Thomas Jeppe & Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
Charim Gallery Vienna
for Curated By
with works by:
Bernhard Willhelm, Reece York, Ashley Hans Scheirl, Tatjana Danneberg, Ines Doujak, CheckIt, Kiki Kogelnik, Lukas Gansterer, Amelie Lagrange, Udo ProkscSh
SEP 13 - OCT 13


Art Berlin
w/ Conradi
SEP 27-30

Umwelt Monde
collective exhibition
including TG (Nottingham), Mercy Pictures (Auckland), Guimaraes (Vienna), Sydney (Sydney), Unsere Umwelt (Basel), and The Community (Paris)
at DOC Paris
OCT 13-20


"Monastic Club Bulletin"
Exhibition for the launch of Mimetic Club Bulletin issue #15
w/ mise en scène for Permanent Cuts
The Community Paris
JUL 21 - JUL 28

"Deux sens du décoratif"
w/ Anna Solal, Than Hussein Clark, Ines Doujak, Jean-Marie Appriou
cur. Michal Novotny
Centre d'Art Contemporain Passerelle
Brest, France
JUN 2 - AUG 18

"Water Yump"
Museum Tinguely - Basel Rhine
by Kunsthalle 3000
cur. Benedikt Wyss
JUL 9-16

Interview w/ Kenny Schachter
032c issue #34, Summer 2018

"19th Prix Ricard"
cur. Anne-Claire Schmitz
Fondation Ricard, Paris

"Umwelt Mode"
w/ The Community (Paris), Mavra (Berlin), TG (Nottingham) and Unsere Umwelt (Basel)
Clarastrasse 13, Basel CH be considered alongside:

J.W. Anderson
Film / Interview

"Warsaw Ultimatum"
LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina KO


Umwelt Monde Umwelt Monde Doc Paris - 13 OCT 2018 Compositions (cur. TJ & RLV)Compositions (cur. TJ & RLV) /2018 Monastic Club BulletinMonastic Club Bulletin /2018 Deux Sens du DécoratifDeux Sens du Décoratif /2018 Acaponeta 1891Acaponeta 1891 /2012 Fondation RicardFondation Ricard /2017 Umwelt Inversion (cur. T Jeppe)Umwelt Inversion (cur. T Jeppe) /2016 Der SpiegelDer Spiegel /2015 Mimetic ClubMimetic Club /2015 Gypset PurgatoryGypset Purgatory /2016 Asiatische AdlernaseAsiatische Adlernase /2012 Neo LadNeo Lad /2016 Lost in ConnotationLost in Connotation /2014